Friends of the
beverly hills public library

The Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Library's tradition of service to the community. The Beverly Hills Public Library has won many awards and repeated national recognition.

Friends raises funds and sponsors activities that supplement, enhance, and enrich the Library's collections and programs. 

Friends’ membership fees, book-store revenues and donations provide many of the Library's best-loved and most needed resources.

Please join us. We can't do it without you. 

The Enchanted Woods room for children of all ages.

The Enchanted Woods room for children of all ages.



Friends of the Beverly Hills Library was organized in 1959 to promote the first bond issue that built the library. Since its beginnings, Friends has played a significant role in the development of the Library. Friends’ activities and programs receive enthusiastic local participation and attract attendees from all over the Los Angeles area.

Friends is a vital organization, growing and responding to the demands of the community. We are ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

Toddler Reading Group

Toddler Reading Group

Among the most recent programs funded by Friends are:

  • A free annual Summer Reading Club that keeps thousands of local kids engaged and excited about reading between school terms
  • Year-round Storytime programs for babies, toddlers, and families
  • Regular deliveries of Library materials to the homebound
  • The Teen Zone that gives local teenagers a place to do homework and joint projects and enjoy books, games, and companionship year-round
  • A valuable collection of fairy tales and extraordinary selection of collectible books and artwork for young children housed in the charming Enchanted Woods room
  • A Book Club for Adults, which has built an enthusiastic following from throughout the Los Angeles area
  • The Friends Bookstore located in the Library’s lobby and staffed by volunteers, boasts a large, fast-changing inventory of new books, used books, collectibles, and out-of-print books in all genres from fiction to cookbooks
Andrea Grossman of Writers Bloc interviews Steve Ross (author of Hitler in Los Angeles) at the Friends' May Open Meeting

Andrea Grossman of Writers Bloc interviews Steve Ross (author of Hitler in Los Angeles) at the Friends' May Open Meeting

Enchanted Woods Entrance, Right
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For your convenience you may make your donation to the Friends by clicking below.

Click here for a printable copy of this form.

Enclose your check (payable to Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library) and mail to:

The Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library Donations
444 N. Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210-4877

I want to support the Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library at the following level:

  • Circle of Friends $1,000 and above

  • Benefactor $500

  • Sponsor $250

  • Family $100

  • Individual $50

Contributions are tax deductible.


TRIBUTES & Endowments

Commemorate a special occasion, pay tribute to someone or honor someone's memory by making a contribution to the Friends Tribute Fund. Donors and honorees receive prompt, discreet acknowledgements. 

The Friends of the Library accepts donations to the "Harris Fund- Visually Handicapped" for library materials geared to the visually handicapped. Checks made payable to "Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library" should note "Harris Fund - Visually Handicapped" on the memo line. 

For gifts of $35 or more for a book acknowledgement in the subject area of your choice and inscribed with your honoree's name. You and the designated recipient will be informed of the specific title after purchase. 

To make your tax-deductible contribution, print the
Tribute Fund form, enclose your check, and mail to: 
The Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library
Tribute Fund
444 N. Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210-4877

Flight of Imagination

Flight of Imagination

Volunteer Holiday Luncheon at Beverly Hills City Hall

Volunteer Holiday Luncheon at Beverly Hills City Hall

The Friends oversee an Endowment Fund that benefits collections and programs within the Library. All funds are invested in safe and secure monetary institutions that generate interest to be used for future library needs. The donor may request the funds be utilized in a specific area or leave the decision to the Friends Board of Directors. 

Endowments have benefited music collections, fine arts lectures, children’s art and the computer lab. The Enchanted Woods collection was also made possible by an endowment. 

If you have any questions, please call the Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library direct phone line at (310) 288-2286 Many gifts of this nature are tax deductible, please check with your tax advisor for verification. 

Your donation is greatly appreciated.





December 8th through December 22nd

Book Sale

Friends Book Group

The 1st Tuesday at 10:15am
The 2nd Wednesday at 10:15am
The 3rd Thursday at 1pm
Annual membership in Friends admits a reader to all meetings or $5 per session is requested. 
No sign-up is necessary.
Readers may attend any day,


Exit West
by Mohsin Hamid

Thursday, January 17, 1:00 pm

by Andrew Sean Greer

Tuesday, February 5, 10:15 am
Wednesday, February 13, 10:15 am
Thursday, February 21, 1:00 pm

Home Fire
by Kamila Shamsie

Tuesday, March 5, 10:15 am
Wednesday, March 13, 10:15 am
Thursday, March 21, 1:00 pm

An American Marriage
by Tayari Jones

Tuesday, April 9, 10:15 am
Wednesday, April 17, 10:15 am
Thursday, April 18, 1:00 pm



November 15th – 18th

½ Price Sale
December 9th - December 23rd

Ursula manning the store

Ursula manning the store

The Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library welcomes your book donations. Friends Book Shop revenues support some of the Library's best-loved programs.


We accept:

  • Hardcover books in good condition (not condensed, damaged in any way or w/excessive writing)

  • Paperbacks in good condition (not warped)

  • Children’s books (especially award winners)

  • Reference books (only current editions, please.)

  • DVDs, and CDs (operable and in their original casings)

  • Magazines that are no older than 3 months old

Book Store

Book Store

We do not accept:

  • Periodicals or magazines
    (We only accept periodicals or magazines published in the last 3 months)

  • Directories or phone books

  • Activity books, Tax or Government Documents

The Friends Book Shop is located off the Library lobby.  
Open: Monday, Wednesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm - Tuesday: 10am - 8pm - Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
Queries for the store should call 310.288.2209, for volunteering 310.288.2286 and for book donations 310.288.2271

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Board of directors


Kristin Jameson
Tillie Borys
1st Vice President
Lee Saltz
2nd Vice President               
Lori Goldman
3rd Vice President
Jeannette Manelbaum
3rd Vice President
Nam Kim
Michele Gabai
Recording Secretary
Joyce Ziman
Corresponding Secretary

Past Presidents

Monique Maas Gibbons
Lori Goldman
Ann Golenternek
Betty Harris
Barbara Linder
Jean Rosenblatt
Barbara Sadoff
Charlotte Skura


Fran Behrstock
Carol Epstein
Martha Galvan
Debra Gordon
Helene Harris
Rosanne Keynan
Ursula Levi
Virginia Maas
Karyn Newman
Eileen Olsen
Karen Richman
Launa Romoff
Karen Rushfield
Victoria Wilson

President Monique Gibbons

It is December and of course my mind turns to books! Books are my favorite gift to give and to receive. Books are a vehicle into other worlds and have always been my first love. My family will attest that when I am reading a book, I am extremely focused. That is the nice way of saying that I ignore everything and everyone else! I use the Beverly Hills Library as the primary source of my reading material, but it is so much more than that. Last year, our Library had over 694,000 visitors and processed over 9,300 passport applications. The Library website has numerous resources that are available for free, including e-books, e-magazines, music and online classes. The Friends of the Library support all of these resources, as well as additions to our Library collections. The revenue from the Friends Bookstore is a main source for our support. Please visit the Bookstore this December for our ½ price sale from December 9th through December 23rd. You can find holiday gifts and a few books for yourself!

Kristin Jameson
President of the Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library